Sustainable human resource management and job satisfaction—Unlocking the power of organizational identification: A cross-cultural perspective from 54 countries

This paper examines the positive relationship between employee perceptions of sustainable human resource management and job satisfaction across 54 countries, finding that this relationship is influenced by organizational identification and national culture, with individualistic cultures showing a stronger association for employees with lower organizational identification.

Practicing theory building in a many modelers hackathon: A proof of concept

The Many Modelers approach, combining modelers and non-modelers in teams, shows promise in advancing formal theory development in psychology, as demonstrated by a hackathon that increased psychologists' interest in formal modeling and proved that effective collaboration and prototype creation are possible even with limited time and varying levels of expertise.

Using machine learning to evaluate and enhance models of probabilistic inference

Generic neural networks can enhance content models.

Eristic reasoning: Adaptation to extreme uncertainty

Under varying levels of uncertainty, while heuristics provide sufficiently accurate decisions with minimal information, they falter under extreme uncertainty, leading to the adoption of eristic reasoning—self-serving inferences for hedonic pursuits—as a more adaptive approach for instant hedonic gratification and coping, without requiring environmental information.

The process of replication target selection in psychology: what to consider?

This Registered Report proposes a study using a modified Delphi approach to develop a transparent and systematic list of considerations for selecting replication targets in psychology, involving community consultation and consensus to enhance the credibility of empirical research.

Awareness of option attractiveness increases the attraction search effect: Modeling the awareness effect in an extended iCodes model

People search information of the more attractive option even more when they are made aware of the attractiveness of options.

Salience effects in information acquisition: No evidence for a top-down coherence influence

Salience effects on information search do not work indirectly.

How to teach open science principles in the undergraduate curriculum - the Hagen Cumulative Science Project

Students can contribute to the replication literature.

Perceived biological and social characteristics of a representative set of German first names

We provide ratings for a representative set of 2,000 German first names with regard to perceived sex, foreign origin (yes/no), and familiarity. In two studies participants (N = 736 and N = 237) estimated intelligence, education, attractiveness, …

Empirical content as a criterion for evaluating models

Models can be evaluated before any data has been collected.