Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science

Replication rates of leading research are low.

What is adaptive about adaptive decision making? A parallel constraint satisfaction theory for decision making

Single-mechanism accounts predict process and choice data in probabilistic decision making better than multi-mechanism accounts.

Approximating rationality under incomplete information: Adaptive inferences for missing cue values based on cue-discrimination

People use base rates and discrimination rates of cues to infer cue-values.

The rationality of different kinds of intuitive decision processes

Coherence-based artificial network-models can mimic Bayesian decision making.

Victim sensitivity and the accuracy of social judgments

Recent theorizing on the relation between victim sensitivity and unethical behavior predicts that victim sensitivity is related to an asymmetrical focus on cues associated with untrustworthiness compared to cues associated with trustworthiness. This …

Diagnostic task selection for strategy classification in judgment and decision making: Theory, validation, and implementation in R

Tasks producing maximally distant predictions for models in a prediction space are most useful for model comparison.

The mediating role of job satisfaction between leader-member exchange and turnover intentions

Job satisfaction mediates the relation between leader-member exchange and turnover intentions.

Implementation of the multiple-measure maximum likelihood strategy classification method in R: Addendum to Glöckner (2009) and practical guide for application

Usage of mutliple-measures increases the reliability of model-identifaction.