Salience effects in information acquisition: No evidence for a top-down coherence influence

Salience effects on information search do not work indirectly.

A new and unique prediction for cue-search in a parallel-constraint satisfaction network model: The attraction search effect

People tend to search information of the more attractive option.

Probabilistic coherence measures: A psychological study of coherence assessment

People follow Bayesian principles in subjective coherence assessment.

Parallel-Constraint Satisfaction Network Model of Decision Making

Simulation of the PCS-Network Model of Decision Making; app at ``.

Parallel-Constraint Satisfaction Network Model of Risky Choice

Simulation of the PCS-Network Model of Risky Choice; app at ``.


Model simulation; app at ``.

What is adaptive about adaptive decision making? A parallel constraint satisfaction theory for decision making

Single-mechanism accounts predict process and choice data in probabilistic decision making better than multi-mechanism accounts.

Approximating rationality under incomplete information: Adaptive inferences for missing cue values based on cue-discrimination

People use base rates and discrimination rates of cues to infer cue-values.

The rationality of different kinds of intuitive decision processes

Coherence-based artificial network-models can mimic Bayesian decision making.